Survey pricing

Our pricing is competitive and represents excellent value. Below is a description of how our costs are calculated. Some typical survey costs are provided by way of example.

Our pricing is based on a combination of factors:

  • Size and complexity of the questionnaire
  • Length of time survey is online
  • Number of survey invitations we send (where clients provide us their database)
  • Number of respondent completions
  • Complexity of results required

Most of the projects we run can be priced on some or all of the factors listed above. Occassionally other services are required which also affect the cost. Examples of these include; multiple language surveys, streaming video into surveys, survey integration with client's IT systems, survey respondent quota control, document upload within a survey and other special survey functions that require custom programming.

Clients are invoiced on delivery of survey results with 30 day payment terms.

Small survey example

This is a small questionnaire such as for a brief seminar feedback survey with emails sent by the client and results in the form of raw data in Excel.
Number of questions 10
Visuals Standard template with client logo
Time online 2 weeks
Invitations Sent by client
Number of completions100
Type of results Raw data only
Cost £ 360+VAT

Standard survey example

This is a typical market research questionnaire including routing such as used for a customer satisfaction or market intelligence survey.
Number of questions 30
Visuals Bespoke to match client brand
Time online 4 weeks
Invitations 5,000
Number of completions800
Type of results Tabulated data and verbatim reports
Cost £ 1,260+VAT