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Our starting point is your questionnaire. We advise any suggested refinements, program and host it online, support and manage your respondents. Our output to you is a variety of analytical reports.

Client Comments

Excellent, the flexibility of your approach is much appreciated.

I have been very pleased with the efforts made by ORS to understand our requirements and turn our survey into an online product.

ORS have provided a high level of advice and have been comfortable going with our preferred options.

The responsiveness from ORS has been excellent. They have been quick to adapt solutions, offer alternatives and respond to telephone calls.

Very helpful and responsive to our needs.

Good: quick response to enquiries; practical advice as regards questions and value for money.

Quality of service is very good, with useful suggestions. Always responsive to our needs!

ORS are Consistently good.

..the quality of service was good and responsiveness was excellent especially the speed at which emails were replied to.

I have no complaints. The service ORS provides is excellent flexible, responsive, economical and fast.

As a client of ORS for some time, I have to say that the quality of service is something I have always valued.

ORS is responsive to our needs and manages to retain their enthusiasm even when our requests have bordered on the unreasonable.

Always a personal & responsive service

ORSL was recommended to me by a client. I received a high level of service from ORS, with prompt replies to my emails, and queries handled quickly and efficiently.

Excellent. Briefing all took place on phone and email and there was a good understanding of our needs, reflected in the quality of the quote/proposal and development of the project. Responses were timely and all deadlines / budget met.

ORS were very responsive to all inquiries during the contract and provided highly qualified advice.

ORS quickly found convincing solutions to our requests and implemented them on the spot.

We have always got exactly what we needed and found the little bit of technology we had to manage pretty easy.

I was very impressed with the online tool both in terms of its look which was very professional and the ability of ORS to provide solutions to all technical problems encountered.

ORS were excellent in terms of producing summary stats quickly.

No problems at all: detailed output to expectations.

Excellent, extremely professional.

Speed was fast and reliable.

We have had a very productive relationship with ORS, one that requires a minimum of input and briefing on our part, while geting a maximum understanding and quick response on ORSs part to our needs and requirements.

We have found ORS willing to go the extra mile to accomodate our sudden & unexpected changes in order to achieve our aims.

The technology ORS use is flexible and has managed to accommodate most of our needs effortlessly.

The only limitation to our surveys so far has been at our end.

The analysis and reporting of surveys has always met (and sometimes exceeded) our needs.

Timing is invariably very good, with e-mails being despatched at times that most people would not regard as working hours

The surveys have been reliable and rigorous

The online survey itself was excellent, very clear and easy to use.

The client was very pleased with the results, and has used some of the findings within their marketing materials.

The survey (actually a quiz) was just what we wanted. It took relatively few drafts to get it right and the technology worked well.

The results have been useful and the support given in interpreting and analysing them was invaluable to a non stats literate person like me.

My experience regarding the available technology was throughout positive.

ORS arranged the questionnaire in a very user friendly format, set up easily accessible tools for monitoring the results after launching and provided for a wide variety of result tables.

It is a good system, they are always helpful and willing to do what is needed to meet our, often non standard, requirements.

All round, professional service, a one stop shop.

We use ORS where we are looking to survey large numbers of respondents in order to achieve responses of over 1,000 while at the same time relying on ORS to provide us with a full service to reduce our own time input.

Good service and value for money. You know what you are going to get and how much it will cost

Past experience has been good. Personal level of service

An efficient way to set up online surveys for clients.

ORS was the only survey company I spoke to who could deliver what we wanted.

The reason we will use you again is the quality of the service and responsiveness.

Our work. Some real world examples.

We've implemented surveys for some of the UK's largest organisations, both directly and on behalf of research agencies and consultancies.

Priced right. Flexible, sensible pricing.

We are affordable. A low base price and variety of options mean we fit comfortably within most research budgets.

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